One wonderful thing about being an old fart is. …. you would get to know other talented old farts. We, theatre-makers, are not stopping. Every Sunday, at 5 PM, we get together via Zoon and workshop new plays. I am so grateful for actors and playwrights. Look at their smiles. […]

Continue to Create

Sunday, March 15, 2020 Still coughing … Damn. It is weird to wake up Sunday morning and don’t have any place to go. No rehearsal, No theatre gathering and no Squi activities. We canceled our monthly “Beer, Pizza & Improv” tonight. Since our house was taken away by Wells Fargo […]

Corona Times – Quarantine Day 3

Saturday, March 14, 2020 Woke up sicker. I have Chronic Bronchitis that gets triggered easily. Fortunately, it is not contagious. Michael took Squi to school (and they will be closed for two weeks) – so I could sleep in a bit. Michael had a shooting in PM. So I got […]

Corona Times – Quarantine Day 2

Dear Dedicated Students of mine  (aka Geniuses in Makings) HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Thank you again for inspiring me throughout 2018.   It’s not just a lip service when I say I learn so much more from interacting with you guys than when I am lecturing or coaching.   Everyday, I am learning […]

Happy 2019

I forgot how easy NOT to produce or direct a production!!! An old friend, Howard Teichman, invited me to choreograph and consult some “Japanese culture” to the production of FUGU.   After all, I am known to be “Japanese Emily Post”.   They are getting great reviews.   This is a very […]

New Play “FUGU” – at the Pico Playhouse

I will be teaching in Japan again! March 18, 19 & 20.   We will be covering the Adler Techniques and Chekhov Techniques.   最優秀者:米国ステラアドラーアカデミーロスアンジェルス校への短期留学へ無料招待(夏季4週間コース) 最優秀者:米国ロスアンジェルスまでの往復航空券提供 希望者には英語学校及びスティ先の無料サポートサービス/滞在延長も可能

Happy New Year – Dates in Japan