Solo Performance


On-Line class 

Scholarships Available  – 



In-Person Weekend Intensive

Weekend Intensive – TBA 2023 – Fall

Monday Night Class – (on-line) 

8 to 10 PM 

$350 ($300 repeat) for 8 sessions and two rehearsals before the reading.


Private Sessions

$90  / hr


$800 / Ten 1 hour Sessions


*showcase opportunities

*Initial Consultation is free

*We will be working toward this performance, however by the end of the session you will have the framework in place to develop your piece into a full length, 60 to 90 minute, ONE-PERSON PLAY.

In This Workshop … Greg Haskins’ “Almost Walking A Straight Line”, Rosanna Cacace’s “3 Roses of Lebannon”, Sammy Williams’ … And the Winner is.. and Judith E’s “Menopause Crack-up” Sammy Williams’ “…and the Winner is” were developed.

Solo Performance Workshops will cover:

1) What to write about

2) Getting your play ready for production (Strategic Planning & Objectives)

3) The merits of self-discipline 

4) Discovering your uniqueness!

5) Structuring your play.

6) Building a powerful opening, finding the “heart” of your play, and drawing a conclusion and climax.

7) Character and story development.

8)  Getting your audience involved.

9) Staging your piece and getting the maximum use of lights and sound

10) Your play’s objectives and targeting your demographic.

11) Increasing your presence as a performer. Capitalizing on your strengths

12) Producing your play

FAQ’S and A’s

Do I have to perform? Can I just read instead of performing?

> Sure. However, if you are planning to perform the piece someday, I strongly recommend performing as close to a full production as you envision. Take advantage of the live audience.

Do you teach acting?

> Yes – but this is a class for writing. There is an acting and performance workshop on Monday night – at The Secret Rose, but you don’t write your own material in that class. I recommend this class if you haven’t had much acting or stage experience.

I am writing a play about Rosa Parks and I am a white Jewish man in my 20′s. I don’t think this is my casting.

> You are right. That won’t serve your writing well. We can provide an actor from our membership and have her perform or read Rosa’s part.

Can I invite industry to the performance?

> Absolutely! I would recommend inviting your rich uncles, too.

I don’t need a full-length play; I just need a 10-min. play for my cousin’s wedding.

> Make sure your cousin knows you will be performing a piece at their wedding.And if you need a piece that is fifteen minutes in its entirety, that’s fine.

I would love to participate in this workshop, but I don’t know what to write.

>Sure you do.

Who’s teaching?

> Kaz Matamura


> Check the bio  or click here

So, can you produce my play?

> Possibly but the focus of this workshop is to encourage and support writer/performers to take the difficult step of putting their work in front of a live audience and to make a commitment to themselves