What my clients are saying:


“My one-person show was entirely written and created in Kaz Matamura’s Solo-Show Workshop.  Staying dedicated to three 10-week workshops allowed me to complete an entire script and start performing my show in a full theatrical run.  I now have several great reviews including a “GO” from the LA Weekly newspaper.  I’ve booked two Fringe Festivals and have performed the show at colleges for large audiences.  You want to write?  Have a project to start or finish?  If you’re really ready to work –  work with Kaz – she’s the best there is!”
… Greg Haskins,  ALMOST WALKING A STRAIGHT LINE www.greghaskins.net

“Kaz Matamura is an extraordinary woman of many talents.  She is smart, intellectually inclined, sensitive to a person’s needs, and under any circumstance remains focused@  Kaz has helped me fashion my one-man show “And The Winner is” into the wonderfully entertaining theatre piece it has become.  I was blessed the day she came into my life.  Forever and always, Kaz, you rock!”
– Sammy Williams, A Tony Winning Actor “A Chorus Line”

“If you want detailed and specific direction and insight on how to get your solo performance up make sure you attend Kaz Matamura’s “Solo Performance Workshop” – you will develop the skills you need to carry your show solo.”
… Judith E. The Menopause “Crack-Up”

… Kaz Matamura is a truly unique individual who embodies a wealth of skill-sets which include: Writing, Acting, Directing, Production, and Theater-Related Business Management Skills. In addition to her conceptual brilliance, she is a natural leader who takes great joy in her work, and is an inspiration to her professional consulting clients.”…”
Elliott Maynard, PhD,  CPC, CPCM. President of Arcos Cielos Corporation, Elshar International, LLC, and Elshar Executive Enterprises, Inc., Sedona, Arizona.