Corona Times – Quarantine Day 3

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Still coughing … Damn. It is weird to wake up Sunday morning and don’t have any place to go. No rehearsal, No theatre gathering and no Squi activities.

We canceled our monthly “Beer, Pizza & Improv” tonight. Since our house was taken away by Wells Fargo and the house flippers, we haven’t been able to do the starving artist nights. We created a LLC – so once we are done with the lawsuit against wells fargo and the house flippers, we can focus on raising money and giving grants to artists, and feed them every Tuesday nights again.

So… what to do… We are basically “house arrested” …
Squi is Homeschooled anyway. So, he doesn’t see anything changed, except his daddo and mommy are home… together….all the time.

I asked Michael to do the “poetry” with Squi, while I cleaned upstairs. We are following Rudolph Steiner – Waldorf approach to teach Squi. This is Poetry / Arts class. First, I read him a poem. He listens. Then we break down a poem – and he draws what he sees/ hears. Then at the end, he recites the poem, but this time, with images in his head.

Can you guess what poem he studied today?

It is a true luxury to be able to stay together. Michael is considered “high risk” due to his age and history of a heart operation.

Meanwhile, I do wonder about others who must go to work – or whose business is suffering due to the lockdown. I contacted my neighbour – and created this ad:

So, I practiced what I preach. We ordered pick up from Toriyen for din din.

Breakfast: Eggs & gluten-free toasts (the last two pieces!!!)
Dinner: Tori yen take out (Rainbow rolls, Heart attack & eggs) & Homemade super miso soup.

Movie: Matrix 3
Steps: 185 (!!!!)

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