Corona Times – Quarantine Day 2

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Woke up sicker. I have Chronic Bronchitis that gets triggered easily. Fortunately, it is not contagious.

Michael took Squi to school (and they will be closed for two weeks) – so I could sleep in a bit.

Michael had a shooting in PM. So I got my lazy ass out of bed, and prepared a court document to mail.
Unlike any other Saturday afternoon, this Post Office was empty. The clerk lady who helped me out at the window – had a mask and gloves on. Probably wearing this kind of latex gloves is much safer because you do NOT want to touch your face with these on. She told me some people demanded that they have “hand sanitizer” on the counter. Speaking of entitlement. It is our personal duty to wash our own hands …

Disposal latex gloves will save lives …

Because Squi requested HOT DOG for lunch, I stopped by at a Grocery store nearby. Saturday at 1 pm… the parking was full, of course. It took me an hour to just get several items. But it was not crazy as it looked because we all share the sense of “surrendering” to this uncontrollable situation. And I did NOT see any “hoarding” shopping as I expected. Maybe because all the “hoardable” items were all sold out?

A long line – on each aisle
Fortunately, I didn’t see TP hoarders ..

When I got home, I wiped a steering wheel, doorknobs, cell phone, keys, the items I brought from the store – then my hands last. Also, I treat myself as if I already have a coronavirus and try NOT to pass any germs by not touching things.

By the time Michael was done with the shoot – we all had cabin fever. BUT we stayed in.

Breakfast – Miso Soup (immune booster), Natto & Rice
Dinner – Tilapia, Coconut rice, Brussel sprouts & tricolored peppers

Movie – Matrix 2
809 Steps.

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