Happy 2019

Dear Dedicated Students of mine  (aka Geniuses in Makings)

Thank you again for inspiring me throughout 2018.   
It’s not just a lip service when I say I learn so much more from interacting with you guys than when I am lecturing or coaching.   Everyday, I am learning and acquiring “new eyes” to deepen the understanding of theatre through you.  
Last year, in 2018,  my New Year’s message was all about “Be a rock and not roll,” “resist” and “let your voice heard”    Well, that was getting exhausting after two years of fighting on so many war fronts.
This year, the theme will be to get back to who you are by keeping the two feet balanced on the ground.  

In 2019, (2020 is only 1 year away!) – My message is to focus on: 
– Kindness 

– Cleanlinesness

– Honesty 

in that order.   

What does that mean, really?    
Kindness …   to yourself, to strayers, to our planet, and basically everything around you.   Don’t push yourself too hard.   When others hurt you, remember, it has nothing to do with who you are but sometimes people want to vent the poison inside of themselves.    Especially, when it comes to the business, we often get uber focused on our vision and we do not think about individual artists or their feelings.   Once you put your cards on the table, (“cards” here meaning the script, audition, interview, daily, thesis, etc), it is out of your hands.   Detach yourself.   

You may hear harsh feed backs.  Remember:  Nothing is personal during the process.   

Also, Think about mindset of the people who call a young actor “untalented” without understanding the process, or someone who speeds 90 mph on a busy highway, cutting off other cars, or other groups of people who believe liberty is about limiting other peoples’ rights and freedoms.    

Their mind is their own prison – and it shouldn’t be allowed to imprison you in any way! Especially your creativity.  
Also, be conscious of nature and natural resources  –  from plastic and water usage, strategizing how you drive to save gas, and to where you shop (support local and small business!) 

Cleanliness   Eat clean.   Sleep clean.   Speak with clean consciousness.   Dress clean.   Think clean – meaning don’t act with “ulterior motives”. If we behave based on the pattern  “If I do this, I will get ______,”  the world will be full of disappointed, angry, bitter people.  Do it because you can and you want to.  Enjoy the process and see the benefits of learning. And be aware of the motives of those around you.   Also, when interacting, make sure you are not invading other people’s space with bad hygiene or strong perfume.     Deodorant, mints, and clean socks go a long way!

Honesty.    It comes after kindness and cleanliness for obvious reasons.    Let’s say there is a girl in your class who cannot afford to wear clean clothes whatever the reason may be, or she just got off work and didn’t have time to refresh herself.   How would you react or to reach out to her  if you knew “kindness” comes first, before your honesty?   
Your “Honesty” is often just your own opinion, and may need to be edited based on Kindness and Clean consciousness.   Personally, because I am a direct speaker, I always need to check that what I say is not hurting someone.   However, I do use harsh tones, as you know, to drive a point home but never with simple vitriolic intent.   

How we “translate” our own honest voice to various characters, media, visual messages, is what makes us artists.   If we just complain, nothing will come out creatively and we will not change or effect change in others. 
Effective communication is vital to our art!

Keep creating, my friends – 

May 2019 be another precious year for us all,

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