Well, I thought three week trip with a three year old child will be too much. But it wasn’t.   I miss it already. Sure, we ate great food, went fabulous historical sites, bought most ridiculous and odd toys.   However, the most memorable part of this trip was the PEOPLE. Usually, […]

Back from Japan!

acting class in Los Angeles,
I am putting together the production “MOM!” for one of my fav playwrights FELIX RACELIS.    There will be 7 plays of his, and I need your help to pick 7! We will be having a staged reading of these plays (read by my students and friends – not the final […]

Reading of “MOM!” on Saturday, Oct. 2nd – 7:30 PM

Goddamn it.   My website of 10 years was hacked last Thu – so I had to re-create the damn new site. Because four of my 82 sites were hacked and I had to take them down – I will just “SIMPLIFY” the site.     My theatre, class, corporate, consulting sites will […]

New Site!