The last weekend …

This is the last weekend of MOTHERLOAD – A collection of short plays by Felix Racelis.   Even thought it was only three weekend run, I felt like we created another “mini” family with this production.   Of course, most of the actors are my usual faces.  But I grew more respect to my regular actors.    Seriously, they are very supportive and warm people!   They do not compete with new actors – but they welcome them – with open arms.
As a producer, I learned it is MORE important to create the atmosphere – for both actors and audience – of joyfulness.   When you come to my rehearsal or my show, I want you to feel the fun we are having whether you are on stage or off stage.


To be honest, this show was NOT easy to put up.  I thought I planned ahead because I damn well knew that I would be in japan for the whole month of March and I will be taking care of my clients when I return in April.   I wish I could say I would say “no” to my clients for my art.  Art comes first.  But, NO!  I know my clients’ business depend on me – and so many family depend on their business for a weekly paycheck.  SO, I have to make sure my clients are doing well – always.

Back to the production – Again… the 80/20 rule applied.

Even though I started planning this in January (5 months ago) the most of “Magic” happened at the very last minute – 20% of schedule – in 1 month.   When I returned from Japan, I noticed that no one has done rehearsal.  My 80% –  4 months of prep – was pretty unproductive.
My wise Pea said “What do you expect?  People are not self-starters.”
I knew that – that’s why I planned “AHEAD”!!!   3 of six plays were done casting, they can, at least, get together and rehearse while I am away, and  I can focus on casting and rehearsing 3 plays that I didn’t cast when I return.
Nah.  Nothing was done as of March 29.

I had to recast one role for three times.   BUT the Magic Happened.   When I walked in the studio while Michael was shooting a group of actors to bitch about one flaky actor I just fired, THE PERFECT ACTOR WHO LOOKED LIKE A SON OF THE ACTRESS I CAST AS MOM of the role I just fired was standing there.

I didn’t waste my time bitching about the pothead actor to Michael.   I offered the role to this young actor right there. …   Well, I said I would send him the script…. since it was a gay role…

After reading the script and arranging his schedule, he said YES!


Another play was not done cast till 1 week before.  I called my old friend to be in the piece since she hasn’t aged for 10 years, and I knew she can look like 30 something, and I could depend on her.


Dependability is very important.  But “kindness” to others is more important when it comes to the live performance..  When you are kind to each others – the magic starts to happening.


Basically, I didn’t make this happen.  I am too old to believe that controlling artists is the way to success.   Nah.  I just let them be creative individuals.  They are caring individuals, they won’t let it fail!   Ha!    After the first walk through rehearsal 5 days before the show day, the cast got together and filled the void as usual to make the production run smoothly.


I am grateful to my usual Ring Masters:  Pea, Greg Haskins, Michele Tannen, Jon, Ellen, Mai, for covering my butt as always.


So…. TWO MORE SHOWS left.  I will miss them all – and this production.




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