Starving Artists Funds

During the production of MOTHERLOAD, Michael and I launched STARVING ARTISTS FUNDS.


“Tonight’s donation will be saved into the “Starving Artists Piggy Bank” – a grant for artists who are in need of “seed funds” to kick start a project.  A theatre production will generally cost $3k and up to launch, or self publishing a book may cost $5k or more.   That’s not an easy amount to raise for starving artists!   So when the “Starving Artists Piggy Bank” reaches $2k –  local artists will have an opportunity to pitch their project to us. We will then provide funds and guidance to help make their project successful. The artists will be expected to donate back to the “Starving Artists Piggy Bank” when their project gets off the ground. ”


So far, we have raised $246.


This summer, I will be hosting “Serving Starving Artists” Dinner party to raise some more!  Hopefully, we will reach $2k in one year or so.



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